stebbinsStebbins Native Corporation was incorporated in 1973, a product of ANSCA of December 18, 1971. Original shareholders was 276 and entitled to 115, 200 acres of land. Land was conveyed to Stebbins Native Corporation as of November 20, 2009. Stebbins Native Corporation has 3 subsidiaries.

  1. Tapraq Fuel, sells heating fuel, gas and other petroleum products
  2. Stebbins Native Store, selling and focusing on groceries (ANICA member, since 1956)
  3. Stebbins Rock Products, sells sand and gravel, rip rap, armor rock and has been cleared with Army Corp of Engineers.

Stebbins is located on the Northeast coast of St. Michael Island on Norton Sound. It lies 120 miles Southeast of Nome. The community lies at approximately 63.52222 degrees north latitude and -162. 288060 degrees longtitude / Sec. 2, TO23S, RO19W kateel River Meridian. Stebbins is located in the Cape Nome Recording District. The area encompasses 35.2 sq. mile of land and 1.7 square miles of water.

Stebbins is a coastal community on the Bering Sea and enjoys a maritime environment. The community is ice free from June to November. Clouds and fog are common. In summer temperatures average range from 40 – 60 degrees F and winter temps range from -4 to 16 degrees when the community is ice bound. Extreme temperatures have been measured from -55 to 77 degrees F. Annual rainfall averages 12 inches with 38 inches of snowfall.

Stebbins population is + 700 and growing.