2015 Alaska Liquefied Natural Gas Discussion

SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
9 AM TO 5 PM

The purpose of this meeting is to focus on the Alaska Liquefied Natural Gas (Alaska LNG) project and the employment, contracts and other opportunities that can benefit our region and the Alaska LNG process. It is about preparation for Alaska’s next mega project. The construction estimate of LNG is $40-60 billion. Western Alaska unemployment and underemployment is high in comparison to other parts of Alaska. The Alaska LNG offers incredible opportunities, both white and blue collar jobs. The lesson from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline is that: Failing to plan to is planning to fail. Even today, jobs are filled by qualified residents that live outside Alaska, not Alaskans.

The vision/expectation is to develop a process that leads to building relationships and collaboration. This requires collaboration between private sector, Alaska LNG Team, the state of Alaska, Alaska Native Corporations, the University of Alaska System, and the Regional Training Centers, among others. This is the first step in the Bering Straits region to identify resources from the public and private sector to focus on the Alaska LNG, while sharing with you what the Bering Straits may have to offer.
Partners include;
• Alaska LNG Team
• University of Alaska, Anchorage, Northwest Campus
• Nome Chamber of Commerce
• Bering Sea Alliance, LLC
• Kawerak, INC.
• Bering Straits Native Corporation
• Department of Labor, Workforce Development*
• Bering Strait School District
• Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation*
• Crowley
• Foss
• International Longshore & Warehouse Union
• Sitnasuak
This will only be accomplished by preparing Alaskans for jobs associated with the Alaska LNG.

Dr. Doug Walwrath, NACTEC. provides tour to BSA AK LNG discussion
Dr. Doug Walwrath, NACTEC. provides tour to BSA AK LNG discussion
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